Terms and conditions

Delivery terms

Transportation and lifting services

Kosken Autokeskus has a valid road transport insurance.

In transports in Finland, we comply with the Road Transport Law. In international transports, we follow the International Carriage of Goods by Road.

CMR regulations. In crane and lifting services, we comply with Infra Ry’s terms for crane vehicles.

More information:
Road Transport Law (in Finnish)
Infra Ry’s terms (in Finnish)

The transports are made without deadline, if not agreed otherwise. The objects to be transported have to be in a condition that they tolerate the stress of the transportation. Otherwise, instructions how to safe the cargo have to be given before loading the cargo. Kosken Autokeskus is not responsible for any damage to the roads or yards if the cargo has ordered to be loaded from or delivered to a location that isn’t suitable for heavy vehicles.


Payment term is 7 days net from invoice’s issue date, if not agreed otherwise.

Invoicing fee is 3 EUR (VAT 24%) per invoice.
You can also pay with cash or credit card in our office, Koskentie 248, 31500 Koski Tl.